Our purpose is to provide our customers access to affordable, worry‑free mobility.

Motability Operations was established in 1978 to deliver the Motability Scheme, under contract to Motability the national charity (which is responsible for oversight of the Scheme).

We provide mobility to almost 649,000 customers with a wide range of different disabilities, providing an opportunity to achieve freedom and independence.

As we do not pay shareholder dividends we can focus purely on delivering for our customers, with profits available for reinvestment to support their current and future needs. In addition, we may also donate to Motability (the Charity) supporting their broader aim to enhance the lives of disabled people with transportation solutions.

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Customers on the Scheme


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Talent retention is high with
regretted attrition just above 8%


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Leadership statements

Investing to meet the needs of the future

Photo of Rt. Hon Sir Stephen O’Brien KBE
Our people underpin the success of this business, and we continue to work on programmes to seek, recruit, and retain top talent. Rt. Hon Sir Stephen O’Brien KBEChairman

Supporting customers now and in the future

Matthew Hamilton-James
My commitment to customers, is that we will support you through the transition into electric vehicles, every step of the way. Andrew MillerChief Executive Officer

A unique proposition

Our objectives underpin the core Scheme proposition, ensuring that through our people and our partners, we meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s customers.

A unique proposition

How we add value

Our customers

  • We aim to deliver value and an excellent service for customers by providing an affordable, consistent, worry-free leasing proposition which is universally available across the UK.
  • Our proposition is delivered in a sustainable manner to ensure that we meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s customers.

Our people

  • The way we work is central to delivering and meeting the needs of our customers.
  • Our employees believe passionately in what we do, underpinned by a strong and supportive culture.
  • We aim to recruit and retain the talent needed to maintain our strong performance over the long term.

Our partners

  • Working with our key partners we provide a worry-free mobility offering: servicing, breakdown assistance, insurance, tyre and windscreen replacement.
  • We have developed strategic relationships with mainstream car manufacturers and support specialist training across the UK dealership network.

Investing for today and a sustainable future

£100m Supporting customers through the pandemic

Supporting customers through the pandemic

£300m Investing in the Glide Path to Green

Investing in the Glide Path to Green

£180m Affordability Support

Affordability support

£170m Support for Motability

Support for Motability

How we deliver the Scheme

We provide mobility to nearly 649,000 customers who receive the Government’s mobility allowance. Through integration of manufacturers, dealers and other suppliers, we provide customers with worry-free, affordable mobility to meet their individual needs.

Investing in the electric vehicle transition

The transition of our customers to electric vehicles over the next few years requires careful planning and support; we are focused on ensuring that our customers are not left behind on this transition. We aim to ensure that customers have access to suitable, affordable vehicles, with the availability of cost-effective and accessible charging options.

Progress to date

Progress to date

Accelerating the transition

Accelerating the transition

Our future ambitions

Our future ambitions

Our strategic framework

Buil d our c us t omer and dis abili t y e xpertise P r o vide v a lue and choic e Impr ov e r e ach and a w a r ene s s E nsu r e l on g - t erm sust ainabili t y
  • Build our customer and disability expertise

  • Provide value and choice

  • Improve reach and awareness

  • Ensure long-term sustainability

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Our values help us deliver our strategy

Our strategy

In order to ensure that our activity delivers outstanding value to customers, we have defined four strategic ‘pillars’. These set out a clear framework within which we align our business objectives, strategic initiatives, performance targets and business planning. Our people, positioning principles, culture and values form the bedrock to deliver these objectives.

Our values

Our values are central to delivering and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. We embrace diversity, which enables us to have a wide variety of approaches and perspectives, enhancing performance and creating value for customers.